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A significant number of small businesses do without an accountant because they see it as an unnecessary expense, especially when just starting out. However, a common pitfall for such businesses is that they end up spending a lot of time figuring out their books or not managing their books well, taking time away from running the actual business they love.

Free yourself up to focus your creative, entrepreneurial energy into growing your business rather than draining that energy into invaluable but tedious accounting and administrative tasks by hiring a qualified accountant who specializes in helping your small business thrive!

Queensboro Accounting offers a variety services for small businesses including:

  • General Bookkeeping (monthly or quarterly)

  • QuickBooks Set-up

  • Sales Tax Compliance

  • 1099 Processing

  • Tax Preparation

  • Payroll

Sherry Thomason is a QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisor.

Sherry Thomason
(336) 901-0214

About Sherry Thomason

Sherry has been doing bookkeeping for over 25 years. As a single mom, she worked a full time job, a part time job and took classes at night for 12 years. She finally received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting a week before her 50th birthday.

Originally from New Jersey, Sherry transferred to North Carolina with her job in 2006. In 2012 the company was sold and two years later the Burlington facility was closed, putting 25 people out of work. She then worked for a Greensboro CPA firm doing the monthly accounting for approximately 20 medical and dental practices before opening her own firm.

Sherry strives to provide service and value with integrity by being a trusted member of your team. She has a passion for small business accounting, especially for women owned businesses.